Woodworking. Illustration.


b. 1986, HK.



Dylan Loftis is a craftsman, illustrator, and occasionally a teacher for a workshop or two here and there. He graduated from Tennessee Technological University in Spring 2015 with a BFA in Woodworking and Furniture Design. Most recently, he began the Master of Fine Arts program at Virginia Commonwealth University for Craft/Material Studies. If you would like to contact him, please do so through the link provided below.

Artist Statement:

I am a woodworker, illustrator, and storyteller. I have spent much of my making career telling other's stories, always shying away from spinning my own narrative threads. Admittedly, doing so was largely out of self-consciousness and fear of failure. I recognize that now. Then came Chair- a story born from my childhood love of comic books and superheroes, then coupled with my love of woodworking and the desire to be instrumental in increasing the stock of harmless cheerfulness. Chair's protagonist is chair. One that was painstakingly and lovingly crafted, then finished with a radioactively exposed can of lacquer, resulting in Chair's various uncanny abilities and preternatural propensity to dispel evil in the pursuit of doing good. While my abilities pail in comparison to those of Chair, our objectives really are not too dissimilar. In all things, my life and work as an artist being no exception, I desire to create grounds and space for joy, humor, playfulness, and honesty. In such an environment, I believe doors are opened that cultivate natural curiosity. This results in intuitive learning and understanding through the simple act of inquisition and discovery. I believe Humor and Play not only engage, but that they have the ability to disarm an audience previously unwilling to come along for the adventure. They beckon us to a unified journey, removing from us that which separates. They offer fields of abundant adventure, ripe for the harvest. I plucked Chair from those fields. Though this journey has only just begun, I intend to share it with you for free. All you have do is smile.